Wrongful Arrest: More Common Than You Think

Humans make mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect person. “Well, you’re only human.” We’ve all heard phrases like these to excuse our mistakes and blunders. However, there are some individuals held to a higher standard, and with good reason. When law enforcement makes mistakes, the mishaps are often more than simple—the lives and well-being of other humans are involved. So, you might think that arresting officers would be, well, a little closer to perfect.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. People like Chad Lewin, an attorney at Criminal Defense Inc., understand that sometimes it’s not civilians who make mistakes, but law enforcement officials.

Story Of A Victim

In 2016, a 62-year-old Los Angeles woman named Maria Hernandez was taken from her home before sunrise with a fraud charge. It wasn’t until she had spent two days in the county jail and suffered a near hypertensive crisis that she was released. Los Angeles law enforcement later admitted their error.

She Isn’t Alone

You might think that such an egregious error would be a freak occurrence, but that is, unfortunately, far from the truth. From May to July of 2016, the same year that Hernandez was wrongfully arrested and jailed, at least six other individuals were released from jail after it had been determined that law enforcement had incarcerated the wrong person. This was in Los Angeles County alone. An earlier investigation by the Los Angeles Times demonstrated that this had occurred to nearly 1,500 other people within a five-year period.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where assumptions are made too quickly, and it can be best to plan for the worst. Law professionals like Chad Lewin, an attorney dedicated to holding law enforcement accountable for their mistakes, are ready to aggressively and expertly come to your defense when you find yourself a victim of somebody else’s blunders.

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