3 Secrets to Better Cake Decorating Skills

You love cakes. And naturally, that love for cakes has made you want to try out your hand at making them. If you’re just starting out and looking for ways to improve your cake-decorating skills, here are a few must-know tricks of the trade:

Stock up on supplies

Practice makes perfect. You’ll want to invest in supplies such as Styrofoam cake dummies to make that happen. With cake dummies, you can learn how to work with fondant and use it to cover the surface of a cake, for instance. That’s going to help you get a feel for the material until you learn how to effectively manage and work with the ingredients you have. As you improve your skills, you become much more efficient. This helps effectively cut down on the amount of ingredients you waste so you can save on costs.

Watch tutorials

There are plenty of tutorials or how-to videos you can watch online, says GustoTV. Pick a good one so you’d get the basics right. You might want to start with easy recipes or cakes. That way, you won’t get too frustrated in case you end up with less than stellar results.

Shop right

Buy your supplies from reputable suppliers or online shops. Making your DIY dummy cakes, for instance, could result in a lot of problems. You might also need to dull the edges of the Styrofoam cakes a bit since sharp edges cut through fondant. If you’d rather not deal with the hassle and inconvenience, then shop for Styrofoam cake dummies from N.Y. Cake. Knowing you’re getting them from reputable sources will take a load off your mind. In addition, these cake dummies are specially made for bakers too so you won’t have to worry about dulling edges or if the material will work with fondant or not.

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