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How an Estate Attorney is a Valuable Asset to Planning Your Future

People never want to think about their death or plan for it, however, it is unavoidable that one day you will pass away. When your time has come, you want the peace of mind to know your affairs are in order and the future of your property is protected. Whether you want to create a plan to financially protect your family or to ensure your final estate is executed to who you want to receive your property. It is important to retain the services of an estate attorney in Lakewood to help you plan out your estate. They can provide the legal advice and services you require to know your final wishes will be protected.

Services Provided

  • A will can be established that documents how you want your estate distributed upon your death. This is important when you want property given to non-family members or entities.
  • Trusts can be created that will allow you to specify how the assets will be used after you have passed away. This is beneficial for underage children or people that require specifications on how the money is to be used.
  • An estate attorney in Lakewood can help you choose guardians for young children and legally document who should take care of your kids if you pass away before they are of legal age.
  • Living wills that document your medical decisions such as whether you want to be placed on life support if you should become incapacitated.
  • Establish Power of Attorney to make financial and medical decisions when you are unable to make them yourself.

Start Preparing Today by Consulting a Lawyer

When planning your estate, it is a sensitive matter and should be completed with great care. Stone Law LLC offers the services you require to ensure your final wishes will be granted. From planning your estate to naming the estate representative, they can provide the support you need to make vital decisions pertaining the future of your property after you have passed away.

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