Custom Products

3 Questions To Ask Prospective Sewing Contractors

Specialized companies with the expertise, experience, and equipment to produce quality, soft cases, bags, carriers, harnesses and other types of straps and items are an essential partner for many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Be the first to like.

Sewing Contractors Save the Day

Outfitting your department with all the gear they need is difficult, especially when everything they wear is regulated with respect to fire safety and durability. It can be frustrating to spend so much money on equipment and not have the…

Different Types Of Fluid Collection Bags

In the medical field, as well as in research and testing, there is an increasing demand for cost effective and durable fluid collection bags. These bags can be reusable or they can be designed to be single-use pouches, this really…

Tips For Designing Custom Equipment Cases

The need to carry equipment stretches across a wide range of different areas and specializations. First responders need to have medical gear and equipment, military and law enforcement personnel need to have holsters and belts and just about every type…

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