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The History Of Villiger Cigars

One of the fascinating things about cigars and cigar brands around the world is the amazing history that is behind some of the iconic brand names. Different companies have started in different countries, but they all have moved from smaller, family types of...

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A few facts about vaporizers

Cigarettes, real ones, are bad for you; it is impossible to dispute the fact that smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people. Not only are real cigarettes killers; they smell terrible, they make your clothing smell horrible, give you bad breath and on top of it...

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The Best Cheap Cigar Sizes and Shapes

One of the best things about being a cigar smoker is that there are so many different varieties to choose from. Not only are there a number of different flavors, but there are also quite a few different sizes to choose from as well. Not everyone is a fan of the fat...

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