Caring For Your Moroccan Wool Rug

There are many different styles and options in Moroccan wool rugs. These rugs can feature a range of geometric, circular, asymmetrical, and more traditional patterns and designs. Each rug also offers various color combinations, from bright vibrant colors to earthy...

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Why Rug Cleaning Matters

When you buy a rug for your home you might not be thinking about the maintenance that has to go with it. Your rug is an essential part of your home, and needs to be taken care of. One of the main ways to do so is by having a rug cleaning service done by professionals...

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Braided Rugs for Sale to Perk Up Your Living Space

Take a look at the different braided rugs for sale and you will find yourself reflecting on a truly American tradition of personalizing your living spaces. Back in the days of the great American housewives, our ladies made their own braided rugs, often from used...

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