Crazy Things You Never Knew about Metal

Metal has been around for many centuries. It is valued for its strength, versatility, electrical conductivity and durability. It can be used in both architectural and industrial fabrication projects and in many other ways. Approximately 75 percent of all the…


Hi-Purity Finishing Using Aluminum Or Gold Plating

Finishing a product can involve many different techniques. If you visit a finishing shop in Massachusetts, they may advice powder coating. They could also insist electroplating is the best finishing method. If they favor plating, they may suggest you go…


3 Reasons Why Galvanized Steel Sheets are Your Best Option

If you are in the manufacturing industry, you are probably well aware of galvanized steel being the best option for many metal needs. The galvanization process, which applies protective zinc coating to either steel or iron, makes it a sturdy…

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