Why You Should Take Buses in York, PA on Family Vacations

You’re planning a family trip, but you’re stuck about where to go. You hate working out how much it will cost. You dread the car ride and the constant question asking if you are there yet. Easily eliminate all these hassles by taking Buses in York, PA to new and exciting locations. You can choose day trips or multi-day trips and many of them are great for families.

All the Details Are Planned Out for You

Bus trips include everything. They plan the location and entertainment. They plan food and often include the price of the meal in the price of the trip. Trips that don’t include the meal will still take you to a place to eat, but you just have to pay yourself. They even plan rest stops along the way to stretch your legs, grab a snack, or use the bathroom because bus bathrooms are scary. Many offer movies during the trip to keep you and your kids entertained. The only planning you will have to do is what to wear.

You Save Money

One reason why you might not have considered a bus trip before is the prices. Basically, you pay for any events or entrance into locations such as museums or amusement parks. The high price comes from the price of gas. Each person on the trip pays a portion of the gas needed to get the bus to the location and back again. A bus takes more gas and more expensive gas than your car. How do you save money, then? Group prices and special deals. Bus trips often get group prices into events and that saves you money. Many bus companies have deals with popular events, such as Broadway, to get even better deals. The companies often get tickets to events before they go on sale to the public.

You Won’t Get Lost

You one thing you probably dread the most is the drive to your vacation location. The map reading, GPS guessing, kids crying, and traffic dodging has you pulling out your hair and begging to go home. With a Buses in York, PA, you can keep your hair. The driver knows where to go and any tricks to get there faster. Let the driver deal with traffic. All you need to do is keep your kids entertained.

Conestoga Tours offers several bus trips for families.

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