Consulting A Personal Injury Attorney In Edmond, OK About Your Personal Injury Claim

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney Edmond, OK is conducive to ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve after an injury. These attorneys prepare your claim by gathering all necessary evidentiary support needed to file a successful claim. In animal attack cases, this support must include witness testimony that saw the attack as well as physical evidence that connects the animal to your injuries. Some homeowner’s insurance carriers will attempt to fight these claims to avoid a settlement and disprove your claim altogether. If you were the victim of an animal attack that involved a domesticated pet, contact Maria Tully Erbar.

Personal Injuries Due to Faulty Equipment

In a public playground setting, there is always the probability of a premises liability. This is, if the department or business that operates and maintains this playground fails to follow safety standards and ensures the safety of anyone who uses it. The safety standards for these areas requires that the city or county, unless privately owned, to maintain all equipment situated within a public park to prevent accident or injury. At any time, anyone is injured while using this equipment, the victim has the right to file a personal injury claim against the city or county to seek compensation.

Accident Attorneys

Maria Tully Erbar offers legal assistance for the victims of animal attacks. She can acquire physical evidence through the doctor that provided treatment for you injuries. This includes DNA from the animal that attacked you. This evidence can link the animal that attacked you to your injuries and provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. This attorney can request a DNA sample from the owner of the domesticated pet that attacked you through a court-order.


A personal injury attorney Edmond, OK fights for victims of accidents that were the fault of another individual or an act of negligence. In accidents related to premises liabilities, the victim is injured due to a failure to uphold safety standards. For example, county-owned playgrounds are required to maintain the equipment situated throughout the location. They are required to ensure that children who play on this equipment do not sustain injuries. If they fail to comply with these safety standards, they arrive within actionable territory. If your child sustained an injury due to faulty playground equipment, contact Maria Tully Erbar.

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