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Around the world, Italian food is one of its most well-known exports. While people can appreciate the history of Rome, the fashion of Milan or a ski trip around the Alps, there can be no denying that when you think about Italy pasta, pizza and a nice glass of wine will inevitably be a big part of the conversation.

Italy itself has a wide variety of regions, each with their own specialities. A culinary tour of the country gives you the chance to savour some of the finest meat, seafood, desserts as well as excellent wines, aperitifs and so much more.


Tuscany is world famous for its food and wine, with Chianti being particularly well known for its excellent red wine. With a nine night/ ten day tour, you can also get to know the processes that go behind these great foods, such as oil pressing and cheese tasting, so you can really get to the heart of what Tuscany has to offer.


Sicily is another area that has an association with fine foods, such as the refreshing Sicilian lemonade, lush Pachino tomatoes and the versatile flavour of Ricotta cheese (it also helps that the area itself is beautiful!)

Piedmont Castle

The Piedmont Castle tour offers both rich truffles and fine wine, amongst the backdrop of some fine preserved architecture.

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There are a range of culinary tours in Italy that Italy Luxury Tours has to offer. Contact them today to find out more about how you can make the most of the fine cuisine of Italy.

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