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What To Expect From A Brow Lift In Kona

In Hawaii, local residents have access to amazing cosmetic procedures to correct the signs of aging. These procedures address aesthetic issues associated with a lack of collagen and reduction of elasticity. A Brow Lift Kona is among these extraordinary procedures to correct visible signs of aging.

Reviewing the Different Types of Brow Lifts

Patients have the option to choose between two different procedure types of brow lift procedures. The traditional brow lift requires the surgeon to cut around the ears and the hair line. They use this technique to remove sagging skin and lift the brow. Most visible scars are hidden around the hair line.

Surgeons also provide endoscopic surgery for this procedure. They cut into the scalp to insert the scope and tools used to complete the procedure. It requires the use of anchors to prevent unwanted moving of the skin tissue. It is considered the more less evasive choice for a brow lift. It also requires a shorter recovery time for the patient.

After Care Requirements for the Procedure

The patients are advised to use cold compresses to prevent swelling. They must keep their head elevated after the procedure. They must keep the incision sites clean and apply antibacterial ointment is directed by the surgeon. The surgeon may provide extra gauze for collecting drainage from the incision sites.

Staples and screws installed post-opt are removed after seven days. The patient should see medical attention if the experience excessive pain. Any sign of a possible infections requires immediate attention as well. The presence of a fever or excessive swelling and bleeding are signs of serious complications.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

The patient may experience swelling and bruising after the surgery. These conditions affect the eyes and check areas most often. The patient may experience some itching and irritation due to the healing process. Commonly-prescribed pain medications could also lead to itching.

In Hawaii, local residents have access to cosmetic procedures that enhance their appearance. These procedures eliminate the signs of aging for most patients. They also eliminate unwanted sagging of skin. Patients who wish to acquire a Brow Lift Kona should contact David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. or their Facebook page for an appointment today.

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