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Don’t Count on Just Your Medical Records

The Social Security Administration denial record keeps getting higher every day for disability claims.  Your lawyer will probably start thinking outside of the box for new ways to win your case.  Luckily there is a disability law firm in New York that is willing to think creatively.  Yes, the judge hearing your case will rely on your medical records, but your attorney is able to present other forms of evidence.

Your Work Records Tell a Story Too

If there are patterns of missing days and you have used up all your sick and personal days and are now using vacation days or unpaid time, that can show the Judge how your disability has affected your ability to work.  Many times your file will have letters in there where you requested personal days.  Those are generally found to be quite credible as you obviously were not taking them in preparation for a claim.  If you worked many years at the same job, but during the last two or three years of employment you were hopping from job to job that can show that you were trying to remain employed but your disability had gotten the best of you.

Early School Records and Diagnosis

If you had ever been recognized as having a learning disability such as dyslexia, difficulties in the areas of math or reading, dysgraphia, etc., it can show that you can be less able to adapt to others areas of work.  Having skills that can transfer to another new type of work is what the vocational witness will be looking for.  If your attorney can cite records to show that adapting to a new line of work would be almost impossible for you that is one more block in winning your case. For more details visit our website We are also on

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