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CASS Certification Software Keeps the Mail Going

Few people realize the drastic innovations that have been made to ensure that the United States Postal Service keeps its promise to deliver through “rain, sleet, or snow.” As they handle one of the greatest responsibilities falling under the umbrella protection of the Federal government, USPS employees are empowered to do their work efficiently by CASS certification software.

Eliminating Wasted Travel Costs

In a nutshell, this software helps those people responsible for getting mail from all around the world, or vice versa, to the right place nearly all of the time. In the old days, all corrections, proofing, and address comprehension depended solely on the carrier handling a piece of mail at the moment. As mail changed hands often, a letter might follow a route that would have looked something like a constellation if you could have pinned landing points and tied the string between. Over the years, the number of people sending and receiving mail every day in America has exploded. Likewise, the USPS continuously expands their efforts to continue providing quality service. One example of this is the extension of use of CASS certification software to any company that needs a clear, dependable method for correcting, strengthening, and tracking snail mail addresses.

Minimizing Error

Frankly, the work this software accomplishes is amazing. In America alone, one name may be shared by dozens of people. Street names are often duplicated as well. Meanwhile, even as the information likely to be shared may be too similar to other addresses across the nation, thousands of addresses a day are incomplete. CASS certification software helps to eliminate the myriad errors that such duplication and omission might spawn. Even surpassing that, this software makes corrections to the database to ensure that all zip+4, carrier route, and 5-digit coding can be continuously perfected.

The next time you have a chance to thank your postal delivery person, show a little extra respect for the role they play in promoting innovative approaches. If you would like your role to be similarly proactive, look into CASS certification software to help your company perform more efficiently.

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