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The best way to keep your pool sparkling

Owning a pool is both a blessing and a curse, when you are floating in your pool in summertime it is a blessing, but when you have to clean it, it can become a curse. Many people contract with a company that will provide pool maintenance on Long Island, but many more do the job themselves. Public pools are almost always maintained by a team of pool maintenance pros due to the number of people who use it and the potential of bacteria and disease. A pool in the backyard is very different, it is only used by a select few people and the use is infrequent.

A swimming pool must be kept clean and it must be done on a regular basis otherwise the owner runs the risk of algae growth, bacteria formations and cloudy water.

The clarity of the water in the pool is a good indicator of proper chemical balance. When you look into the pool the bottom should be visible as a rule of thumb. If the water is cloudy and the pool bottom is not visible, there could be a number of contributing factors. It could be an imbalance in the chemicals, a pump not functioning properly, a plugged filter or even dead algae left from a prior treatment. To get the pool clean and keep it clean pool maintenance on Long island must start with a clean filter and perfectly functioning pump.

Using a basket on the end of a long pole, keep the pool surface free from leaves, bugs and other bits of debris that float on the top. If it is left, it will eventually begin to decompose and drop to the bottom making it much more difficult to remove. There are automatic skimmers available that do the same job and eliminate the human intervention, most in-ground pools are fitted with them, all that has to be done is empty the baskets where the debris collects.

The pool bottom should be vacuumed periodically and the pool sides should be scrubbed with a pool brush. In all cases, keep the skimmers and filters clean.

The cleaning is one issue, it’s also important for the chemical balance to be kept right so that the water quality is ideal. Chlorine and pH levels must be kept at optimum, careful monitoring of the levels is important.

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