Some Reasons to Love Sedation Dentistry in Northern Virginia

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Dental Care

Okay maybe “love” is going a little too far, but now that your curiosity is peaked, it’s time to take a look at the option of sedation dentistry in northern Virginia and explore how it might be a beneficial aspect of your visit to a dental office. The goal of sedation dentistry is to keep patients relaxed and comfortable, and there are two types of sedation used at northern Virginia dental offices.

Conscious sedation is done with the use of oral pills, and the effect is that of being sedated to the effect of a light snooze, like a cat nap, just enough to be half awake, but with no pain and you’ll be totally unafraid of treatment.

The deepest level of sedation is called unconscious sedation dentistry, done with an I.V. or general anesthesia that is monitored by an anesthesiologist. This leaves you with no pain and no memory of the procedure.

By choosing sedation dentistry in northern Virginia, you can save lots of money, because you can have more work done while you sleep. This means you can avoid separate appointments, which also saves you time. The dentist can concentrate on all needed procedures as you sleep, you’ll experience no pain, you’ll suffer no stress or anxiety and retain no memory of the treatment.

Sedation dentistry in northern Virginia is beneficial for many different reasons, here are a mere few reasons why people choose sedation dentistry:

* Anyone who simply wants to experience complete comfort at the dentist

* People who have difficulty getting numb from injected anaesthetic

* Special needs patients

* Those who suffer from dental fears and phobias

* Sufferers of very sensitive teeth

* Patients who have bad gag reflexes

* Busy people with no time for multiple visits

* Victims of horrible dental experiences from the past

* Recipients of particularly extensive procedures

Sedation dentistry is safe and easy, it only takes one minute for you to fall completely asleep. You are watched carefully and monitored with precision and care the entire time by an anesthesiologist. All needed procedures for your mouth are performed while you are asleep, and when you wake up, there’s no pain and no memory of the dental treatment.

After your appointment, you’ll wake up and you may perhaps feel a little sleepy. Your level of consciousness will be monitored, and when you’re ready, you’ll be released to be driven home by a designated friend or family member. You’ll take it easy the rest of the day at your home, you might be a little spacey, but you can eat or drink anything you want. But refrain from any activities that require sharp concentration, definitely no driving! The next day you’ll feel refreshed with little to no memory of the visit because of sedation dentistry in northern Virginia.

Cascades Dental is committed to providing you with the most comfortable, safe and least memorable experience in sedation dentistry in northern Virginia. Call to set up a time to meet with staff and ask questions.


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