Tips for Moving a Piano

Moving a piano from one location to another is a very delicate process. One wrong move can severely damage the piano both cosmetically and functionally. If the internal parts of the piano are damaged it certainly affect the acoustics of the piano permanently. It is for these specific reasons that many people turn to a professional piano mover in the Long Island area when they need to move their piano from one home to another.

Find Experience

Look for a Piano Mover In Long Island that has plenty of experience in specifically moving big and heavy musical instruments like a piano. What these companies will do is come in and do a complete and thorough evaluation of the piano that is to be moved. They will go over the details of how the piano can be taken apart (if possible) and how the piano can be protected during this move.


A piano mover will go to great lengths to insure that the piano is well protected. This usually involves locking down the lids, placing large blankets over the entire surface of the piano, and then fully wrapping the piano in a heavy duty plastic wrap. For extra long moves, companies can even build custom moving crates to provide even more protection for the piano during the whole moving process.

The Moving Process

Once the piano has reached its final destination the piano movers can then move the piano off of the moving truck and place it in the final resting spot in the new home. They will then go through the process of unpacking and reconstructing the piano so that it is in perfect working condition again. The piano company will then take care of removing the shipping container and moving supplies.

The most important thing that every person should do when it comes to finding a moving company for their piano is to perform a thorough research on all of the available companies that work specifically with pianos. Obtain quotes directly from each and every one of the moving companies and then do a side by side comparison of the available choices. The final thing to do is to perform a background check on the candidates to make sure that there no significant complaints filed against the piano company.


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