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Should You Sell Used Medical Equipment Privately?

In any hospital, lab or medical testing facility, there is a need to constantly upgrade equipment. Often new models of equipment offer features and testing functions that are superior to that of existing equipment. When hospitals or testing labs do these upgrades, there is always the need to sell used medical equipment.

There are three options that a hospital can use to get rid of old equipment or even newer equipment that is now surplus. One option is to use a broker or an online site, one is to sell it privately, and the third is to work with used medical equipment company.

Equipment Brokers or Websites

Using an online website to sell equipment on your own can be a lot of work. There are endless questions and emails from potential buyers as well as the merely curious. There are also the attempts by brokers to offer to complete the sale for you for a percentage of the final price.

In some cases, the equipment broker may offer a very low purchase price. While this may be tempting to simply get the equipment out of your space, it is not cost effective.

Private Sales

As with an auction or online sale, trying to sell used medical equipment to another facility is a lot of work and a lot of time. In most cases, people will want to see the equipment before purchase, and they will want to ensure it is functioning and in good working order. This not only takes time and ties up staff, but it also means the equipment has to be accessible to view.

Used Equipment Companies

The best way to sell used medical equipment is to use a reputable medical equipment supplier. These companies will pay fair market value up front as well as arrange for shipping and, if necessary, for decontamination.

Choose from an established company offering a written contract and full payment for the equipment before it leaves your facility. This will provide a positive experience with speedy removal of your surplus machines.

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