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Points To Zero In On When Selecting A Used GC MS

In many labs, particularly those that test unknown substances, a GC MS or Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. This equipment is also used to test known substances as well, and it is ideal for both options when there is a very small sample size available.

With the ability to provide both testing options, gas chromatography, and mass spectroscopy, in a single piece of equipment, they are a streamlined and highly efficient choice for any lab. Unfortunately, many smaller labs simply can’t afford this equipment, at least they can’t afford the equipment if purchased brand new.

A better option for these labs, or even for large labs that are increasing their testing capacity or capabilities, is to select a used gas chromatography or a mass spectroscopy analysis instrument. Choosing the best option in used GC MS will provide quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new models.

Testing Requirements

As there are differences in testing options and features with various makes and models of used GC MS, which will have an impact on lab testing capacity and throughput.

Take the time to consider the types of samples that will be tested. This includes if they are testing for known or unknown compounds and if high-resolution testing will be required. The more often the lab will need to test for trace elements, the more important high-resolution testing capability will be of any make or model selected.

Features and Age

Newer models of a used GC MS are going to have options, features, and functions that are typically enhanced over those of older models, but the basic functions stay the same for this type of equipment.

With the choice of used or refurbished GC MS systems, labs may find they can order and purchase or finance a system that has all the options and features at a price that is still less than the basic unit in new condition.

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