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Taking The Mystery Out Of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

There are three different ways to purchase medical equipment or laboratory equipment. It can be sold new, which typically means buying from the manufacturer or buying through an approved distributor.

Buying new medical or lab equipment offers several benefits. The equipment will be brand new and never used, which means it will come with the full warranty as offered by the manufacturer. Secondly, it will be in top cosmetic and operational condition, which means it should just need to be configured for use in the lab and then be fully operational.

However, with all of these perks comes the biggest drawback, which is the very hefty cost. Even with financing, labs can end up paying for years on equipment that may be out of date by the time payments are complete.

The Used Option

The other two options to consider are used and refurbished medical equipment. Used is easy to understand, it is equipment that has been used in another lab and then is sold, typically through a used equipment dealer.

Top dealers will ensure the used medical equipment is full working order and all features and options are fully operational. There is typically no warranty offered with used equipment, but there may be exceptions to that statement.

The Refurbished Option

The most viable option for most labs and facilities is to choose refurbished medical equipment. This is equipment that is used, but rather than just testing to make sure it is fully operational; the equipment is thoroughly inspected and upgraded to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer standards.

This means replacing worn components, even if they are still operational. It also means upgrading the programs and software systems to the current level. With the choice of refurbished medical equipment, the buyer will have a warranty that is provided by the used equipment dealer.

This can be a warranty for a few months to a year, with most dealers offer a very good selection of current models with prices up to 70% off the new equipment price.

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