What to Expect from an Alcohol Rehab Center

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Drug Addiction

You’ve accepted that you have an alcohol problem and that you need help. You want to get your life back, and you want your family to be proud of you. Congratulations! Recognizing the problem is a big first step. Now that you have decided to admit yourself into alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, you likely have some questions about what to expect. While each center will vary slightly, most follow similar routines. Here is a general guideline on what you will be doing each day at the center:


Mornings start with a healthy breakfast, followed by a meeting. Sleeping in is not part of treatment and you’ll be expected to rise early. Healthy food, exercise and meditation are a large part of the morning routine.

Therapists and counsellors lead participants through the 12-step program, focusing on clarity and issues that lead to addiction. You will gain insight into your unique situation and begin to understand why you turn to alcohol when challenges arise.


After a healthy lunch, it’s time for more intensive training therapy. These can include any or all of the following:

  • Individual behavior therapy: You’ll learn your behavioral responses to several triggers. Once identified, the therapist will guide you toward new, healthier responses.

  • Group therapy: This gives you a sense of camaraderie, as all participants are dealing with similar issues. It can be very beneficial to talk about and hear personal stories.

  • Family therapy: Addiction affects the entire family so sessions are held with all members to help resolve feelings of resentment and anger.

  • Specialized sessions: These could include anger management, stress management or mental illness therapies.


After dinner, there may be another therapy session. Many centers give residents a few hours of free time to spend as they wish.

Alcohol rehab in Los Angeles can provide you with the tools and resources to deal with your addiction.

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