Residential and Commercial Glass Tinting in Miami Cuts Down on Energy

You can enhance the operations in your company when you cover the windows with film tinting. This type of product not only cuts down on glare but it also protects your employees and customers from cancer-causing rays.

In fact, cancer specialists in the medical field recommend the use of residential and commercial glass tinting in Miami and other sunny locales. Not only should the tinted film be added to a building’s windows but it should also be added to the glass of vehicles. When you take this step, you will make driving a car or working or residing in a building much safer.

Skin Cancer Prevention

While many individuals consider the safety features on a vehicle, it often does not occur to them that glass that is untinted is not safe. That is why it is important to review residential, vehicle, and commercial glass tinting services where you live. By taking this approach, you can reduce the risk of skin cancer and make your home or workplace a safer place.

According to statisticians, the level of UV radiation in a car or home can vary. That is because the levels are dependent on whether the windows are opened or closed. The direction of the windows also influences how much sun will come into a vehicle or building.

When a windshield is laminated by specialists that offer vehicle, residential, or commercial glass tinting, about 80% of the UVA radiation is blocked and around 37% of the UVA radiation is prevented from coming into a window. A clear or tinted film also reduces the level of UVA or UVB radiation penetrating through the side glass of a car. You just need to determine the thickness of the film you will need when ordering this type of product.

Besides keeping windows tinted, it is also helpful to wear protective clothing as well as sunscreen. While the sunshine is beautiful, it can also be damaging. Therefore, make sure that you are well protected in this respect.

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