Cambria Furniture is Ideal for Use in Hotels

Cambria furniture is ideal for the busiest public locations, such as hotels. Cambria is pure quartz, an extremely hard natural mineral that is strong, durable, and beautiful. Many monochromatic colors are available; colors that coordinate perfectly with the design and ambiance of the room. Light colors tend to make a small room look larger than it is. Conversely, dark colors make a large room appear cozier.


Having such a wide array of colors available is wonderful for the room designer. Cambria furniture can achieve an effect better than any other material. Moreover, to top it off, Cambria will last a lifetime; the material is easy to clean and when properly sealed, is anti-bacterial. This beautiful material is ideal; it complements the tables and other surfaces. In hotel rooms, nothing is better for use in the mini-bar area and cabinetry.

Cambria vs. Quartz

One of the joys of specifying Cambria is the color palette. Although granite is beautiful, getting its colors from nature, Cambria is predictable. It is available in well over 100 colors, and they never vary. Granite is cut, installed, and sealed in situ. Cambria is sealed during the manufacturing process; as such the surface is impervious to bacterial attack.

Few materials are practically indestructible, as well as beautiful and easy to clean and maintain. Cambria furniture is one of them; granite is not. Granite is not as durable, it is not anti-bacterial, and it is easy to chip should it be impacted by a hard object such as a suitcase.

Cambria tops certainly provide value for money. Cambria is a composite material; it is approximately 93 percent quartz. The remaining 7 percent is a binder material. This composition makes an ideal material for those who are looking for function, performance, and durability. For more information visit Curve Hospitality.

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