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If Your Tranmission Has Failed, You Can Puchase Remanufactured Transmission In Ogden

If your automobile doesn’t seem like it’s performing properly, your transmission could be failing. You can receive a free transmission check, so you’re not stranded on the highway. If you find that your transmission needs to be repaired, you should consider purchasing Remanufactured Transmissions in Ogden instead of trying to continue to put pieces and parts into it. A remanufactured transmission is designed for your car and will operate just like your original transmission.

There are some signs that your automatic transmission isn’t working properly when:

     *     You see the fluid leaking under your car or around the seal.

     *     Your vehicle won’t go into gear or move.

     *     There is a winding noise when you move your car.

     *     Your car hesitates.

     *     Your check engine light comes on.

If you have a manual transmission, these same items will happen. In addition, your clutch will feel like it is vibrating when you press on it to shift. Your clutch may also not release on its own leaving your car in no gear at all.

If you need to purchase a remanufactured transmission, make sure that the transmission has had the working pressures tested and the shifting noises tested as well as for leaks on the system. One of the best advantages of a remanufactured transmission is you know what the cost of the repair is. The transmission has already been rebuilt. A remanufactured transmission also has new parts. If you purchased a used transmission, you’re purchasing the wear and tear that already exists on that transmission. It could stop working as you pull out of the garage. The warranty on a remanufactured transmission is also usually longer than a used transmission.

A reputable transmission shop like Tanner Transmissions Inc has certified and trained technicians that remanufacture and repair transmissions. They have state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that can remanufacture any transmission. This includes valve body testing, transmission case tests, and dynadrome testing. They also have a piece of research and development area in their shop where they’re always looking for new ways to improve transmissions. Don’t buy a used transmission when you can have experts in the field remanufacture your transmission. You can also visit their Google+ profile for more information.


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