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How to Find a Reliable Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

Whether readers have recently been in a car accident or their vehicles have just seen a little bit too much wear and tear this winter, the professionals at a reliable auto body shop in Johnson County can restore their cars to their former glory. Unfortunately, not all body shops are, in fact, reliable. Read on to find out how to tell whether a shop’s actual performance will live up to its hype to avoid getting scammed.

Ask About Warranties

Shops that are willing to offer a warranty on their services are only doing so because they’re confident in their technicians’ abilities to perform quality work. Chances are, readers will never need to take advantage of their warranties, but making sure that they are available is still important. It’s a useful way to tell the pros from the hacks since the latter category is unlikely to stand behind their work.

Avoid Offers to Bury the Deductible

Don’t ever trust a shop that offers to bury the insurance deductible. The penalties for this crime severe for consumers as well as shop owners and technicians, but that’s not the only issue at hand.

Those consumers who do not get caught will wind up with unsafe and unsatisfactory repairs, as well. No shop, legitimate or not, is going to eat the cost of the deductible. Instead, that money will come out of the materials or labor being put into the repair job.

Look for Help With a Rental

The attitude that a shop takes toward making arrangements for a temporary rental car can say a lot about the level of customer service readers can expect throughout the repair process. Look for a shop that is willing to make arrangements for their customers. It will increase the chances that the rest of the experience with an auto body shop in Johnson County will be positive, as well.

Evaluate Offers of Free Estimates

Never trust a shop that offers free estimates without even seeing or hearing about the damage that has been done to the car. Not only will the estimate most likely be grossly inaccurate, but the shop owner’s willingness to do so indicates that he or she does not truly respect customers.

Get Help Now

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