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From Fender Benders to a Total Loss

After an auto accident, your insurance company may decide your vehicle is in need of direct repairs, or is a total loss. Depending on your sentimental value to that vehicle, a total loss in their opinion may just be a small issue to you. However, no matter how minor or major the damage may be, finding the right source for collision repair in Aurora is extremely important. It can mean the difference in long-lasting and proper repairs, and whether or not you need to return in a week or two with additional issues. Full service collision centers have seen it all, especially those that have been in business for a long period of time. Even if it looks like a hopeless case to you, they may see it as just another day at work. Finding the right facility will be your only challenge.

Covered by Insurance or Out of Pocket?

Obviously, in an accident, we all hope the insurance will cover the damages but in many cases the coverage can be limited, or the driver of the other vehicle may have been uninsured. This leaves you to fork over the out of pocket costs to get your vehicle repaired. In a moderate accident, you may be looking at cosmetic damage, frame damage, mechanical or electrical issues, and severe scratches or loss of paint. Repairing these may require the use of replacement parts from other vehicles, but for the exterior pieces, matching the paint could be an issue. For centers that specialize in collision repair in Aurora, having the ability to match manufacturers paint colors is standard, so rest assured knowing you won’t be driving home with a multicolored vehicle – unless, of course, you want one!

Auto Glass and Electrical

While it may seem like it would be delicate, auto glass is one of the stronger parts of the vehicle and will often times survive intact after an accident. However, in the event of a shattered windshield, door window or back window, replacing the glass can only take a few hours. Assuming the frame that holds the window is undamaged, it’s a task that can be completed in an afternoon and can get you back on the road soon! BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision has experience replacing all types of auto glass, including those with rain sensors or rear defrosters. In addition, after you get the new replacement glass, you can also have it tinted to match your existing glass or to give your vehicle a new look!

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