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How to Maintain a Pristine Pool for Your Family

The glamour of having a pool in your home is unmatched. Houston Pool Cleaning services have led to people’s lives being transformed by a backyard swimming pool. This may come in the form of swimming fitness routines, exhilarating pool parties, or simply getting a beautiful tan lounging by the pool. Pool ownership shouldn’t be taken lightly, but there are simple ways to maintain an impeccable pool.

Skim and Scrub Religiously

Your pool will remain truly pristine if there aren’t any leaves or debris floating around. You also do not want algae to build up on the floor and walls of the pool. Skimming and scrubbing are thus part of every pool owner’s life. Therefore, as you run any pool repairs, always watch out for growth and debris within your pool. Manning Pool Service is the best when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your pool. When hiring, always look for the best professionals when it comes to pool maintenance. Only an expert will get even the most stubborn spots and dirt out of your pool.

Invest in a Reliable Pool Filter

Houston Pool Cleaning services such as Manning Pool Service highly recommend buying a good filter. In fact, Manning says that a filter is to a pool like a kidney is to the human body. Without a proper filter, impurities will eventually build up within your pool. A good pool filter eliminates leaves, pebbles and small toys along with other forms of dirt from the water. Remember also to clean the filter system at least once every month to maximize functionality.

Employ a Chlorine Shock Once in a While

Chlorine is used in most public pools to kill bacteria. Manning Pool Service finds that homeowners are reluctant to try it because it bears a considerable risk of damaging a pool’s siding. Nevertheless, for health purposes, it is advisable to drastically raise the chlorine levels in your pool at least twice in a season to kill unhealthy bacteria.

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