Advantages Of Saint Gobain Hoses

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

There are a lot of different parts and components in any sanitary processing system. This includes costly equipment such as industrial mixers and blenders, tanks and vats, pumps, valves and even refrigeration and heating systems.

Often the simple components, such as hoses, aren’t given a lot of thought when they are being installed or when they are being replaced. However, by choosing the best in hoses, systems will work more efficiently, there will be lower costs of replacement over time, and there will also be less chance of a hose failure.

Saint Gobain hoses are considered to be the cutting-edge technology in fluid management and handling systems. The company also produces a full line of hoses that are approved for use in sanitary food production systems as well as for medical and pharmaceutical product processing.

Features of the Hoses

As mentioned above, there are several different product lines in Saint Gobain hoses. They are all manufactured with platinum cured silicone, which means they are durable and designed to stand up to even extreme heat. Not only will the hoses be compatible even with high temperatures or wide temperature variations, but they are also designed to be resistant to cracking, a common issue with many sanitary hoses on the market.

The different types and options in Saint Gobain hoses are also available in different colors and with color coding. This means that different hoses in use on a system are easy to trace and track through the system, which is always a benefit for routine maintenance and visual inspection of the system on a routine basis.

There are also some hoses offered by Saint Gobain that are designed for COP or CIP systems that required the use of sterilizing chemicals or autoclaving. As these processes can damage other hose types, this may be an essential consideration for any application where this is a requirement.

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