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Fabrication And Manufacturing Industries Turn To Metric Weld Stud Sizes

While the United States is typically leading the world in making changes, when it comes to measurement it is one of only three countries in the world that use the traditional systems of weights and measures, also known as the standard measurement system.

Every other country, besides the USA, Liberia, and Myanmar, uses the metric system. This means that companies producing parts or components for export outside of the USA are constantly in need of metric weld stud sizes for both drawn arc and capacitor discharge stud welding requirements.

As these are products that are typically used in the production of equipment, household items, jewelry or even for food and beverage production and processing systems, most metric weld stud options will be designed for use with capacitor discharge stud welders.

The Advantage of Small Studs

As the typical workpiece for these types of smaller parts, components, devices, and equipment will be thinner, the capacitor discharge stud welder is the best option. This will allow for very rapid attachment of the metrically sized weld stud without any concerns about blemishing, marring or burning the other side of the surface.

The will be important in everything from housing and casings to jewelry items and even in the manufacturing of cooking utensils. By using these smaller diameter metric weld stud sizes, the specifics of each job can be taken into consideration and the right weld stud selected.

Unless custom ordered, most of these types of studs will have diameters of between 4mm and 8mm. They can be made of low carbon steel, which is common in many fabrication types of applications, or they can be made of stainless steel. The stainless steel weld studs are typically used when corrosion resistance, as well as high strength and resistance to extreme temperatures, is required.

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