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Here’s Why a Salem Split Rail Fence is More Versatile Than You Think

If there was a style of fence that could be considered “iconic,” split rail fences would certainly be in the running for that title. Used in some form since colonial times to mark boundaries and corral livestock, the split rail fence is beautiful, simple, and effective.

Given its modern applications, though, the split rail fence in Salem, OR, is often underappreciated for all that it can do. To help give you an idea of how flexible a split rail fence is, here are a few examples of its range of applications.

Timeless Decor
One of the simplest uses for a split rail fence in Salem, OR, is as a decorative boundary. Whether wood or vinyl is used for this application, the result is the same: a great-looking fence that does, to a certain extent, enhance the security of your property. If you choose to use vinyl, you’ll have the added benefit of low-to-no maintenance, meaning you can focus on beautifying the rest of your property.

Effective Protection
Another way to use a split rail fence is to combine it with other fence types to create a more secure barrier for people or animals. For example, you can combine a wood split rail fence with a chain-link or hog fence to create a pen for chickens or other small animals that is both pleasing to the eye and effective at preventing escape. Thanks to the simplicity of a split rail fence, the possibilities are really only limited by your imagination.

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