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Companies have begun to use video conferencing in Ireland for all sorts of purposes. They have saved money in business trips that required face-to-face meetings. They have been able to increase the frequency and effectiveness of sales calls. They have been able to setup virtual off-site meetings that were flexible enough to be rescheduled hours or days from the original meeting time without the usual logistical nightmares of changing flights or hotel room reservations. But many companies report that they consider the major benefit for video conferencing in Ireland to be an improvement in their business communications.

When it comes to specifying critical information, or spending the time to prepare a carefully crafted message, then most business choose email as their main communications method. However, for meetings when the personality and commitment of the participants is important, when ideas and feelings need to be communicated, or when a plan needs to be designed interactively, then video conferencing in Ireland is becoming the new first choice, replacing face-to-face meetings.

One of the reasons video conferencing is so effective is that it allows people to communicate with their entire person, not just their voice. Their appearance, including their dress, their mannerisms, their posture, their eye contact, and their facial expressions all serve to clarify and emphasize the words that are coming out of their mouths. High level communications have always required a face to face meeting, and companies have invested a lot of money flying employees to different offices within the company, to key suppliers or to important customers. Now the logistics of scheduling and paying for these trips is abrogated with a method that is almost as good as being present in person.

In recent years, the technology for video conferencing in Ireland has reduced the barriers to using this technology further. It first became feasible for widespread use in the 1990’s when the cost of internet bandwidth reduced to affordable levels. Further developments have allowed for further quality in the video broadcast, including large, high-definition screens and multiple tracking cameras. Now participants can look at one of several screens to scan the opposite video conferencing room, looking at each of the various participants or a shared electronic whiteboard in turn, just as they would had they been sharing the same room. Screens and cameras attached to employee phones allow each participant to be present virtually without leaving their desks. Never before has it been so inexpensive and effort free to “visit” with anyone, anywhere.

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