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Gas Heaters: Behind the Scenes

With winter weather extremes comes concern for their widespread effects. Businesses close, roads become treacherous, and our focus shifts to keeping warm while performing our daily activities. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than curling up at home and finding comfort in the warmth of a gas heater.

But what happens when the cold itself threatens our ability to keep those furnaces and gas stoves turned on?

Below are a few ways the winter weather affects the oil and gas industry, as well as what Alberta pipeline companies must overcome behind the scenes to keep us warm.

  1. We’re not the only ones who suffer during power outages! Refineries, oilfield service companies, and pipeline maintenance and repair facilities all require electricity to run smoothly. With high winds and thick ice taking their toll on power lines, these services must work even harder in unfavorable conditions to make sure operations don’t cease.

  2. Machines don’t like the cold either. Equipment like that utilized by Alberta pipeline companies works best in warmer conditions. Large amounts of water must be heated in order to prevent freezing and ensure proper functioning of hydraulics systems, and moving heavy machinery necessary for drilling becomes difficult when snow and ice rule the roads.

  3. Pipeline system integrity can be compromised during severe winter weather. While the unforgiving effects of the season can cause enough trouble on their own, this damage is further compounded when pipelines are constructed too hastily or are not routinely maintained. Pipeline companies in Alberta work throughout the year to ensure that nature won’t result in the demise of underground pipeline networks each winter.

Next time you’re relaxing, warm and cozy, in front of your gas heating system, take a moment to remember the Alberta pipeline companies who are working hard to keep you comfortable this winter. Visit them at Platinum Pipefitting Inc. for more information!

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