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How Radon Mitigation and Repair Works in the Denver, Colorado Area

Radon is an odorless gas that can infiltrate a home and put the inhabitants at risk for cancer and other diseases. Homes that are tested and found to have radon levels that are above normal should have radon mitigation done by a company that is well experienced in radon gas reduction. 

Radon Reduction System

A radon reduction system reduces the radon levels in a home. These systems are the best when custom-designed to ensure that everything works correctly. They should be mindful of environmental hazards, safety hazards, and the integrity of the home. All EPA standards should be met when installing a radon-reduction system. 


One of the best ways to lower radon in a home is sub-slab ventilation. This process will use PVC pipes that are hooked up to an exhaust fan. This will create low pressure in the soil under and around the home. This helps to prevent radon from being transferred as soil gases enter your home. 

Other Protections

There are other protections that radon repair in Denver CO, can offer. Sealing radon entry points like pipes, cracks in concrete, sump pits, and more will help to mitigate radon. This will also help to control the pressure difference in the soil. 
At Radon Gone – Residential & Commercial Mitigation, they work hard to ensure that all the radon levels in a home are mitigated. After installation and sealing, they will retest the home to see if the Radon Repair in Denver, CO, has worked.

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