When Antique Rug Repair in Fairfield County CT is Necessary

Antique rugs and carpets are highly collectible items. They are often sought after by collectors, dealers, interior designers, and private clients. For a rug to be considered antique, it must be of 80 years or older. Following is a list of reasons why one might consider purchasing an antique rug.

Reasons for an Antique Rug

  • They last a lifetime – Antique rugs are woven with strong materials and are often made by hand. This makes them super durable and able to endure regular wear and tear.
  • Remain in style – Antique rugs rarely will go out of style due to the significant sentimental value they hold. The rugs are often made with classic designs and colors that have been and, will continue to be praised for centuries.
  • Good investment for the owner – If cared for properly, an antique rug’s value will increase with time after they have reached “antique” status. An increase in value means an increase in profit for an owner should they decide to sell.

When the decision has been made to purchase a rug, they can be used throughout any area of the home. Antique rugs will add elegance to any space and are sure to stand out among house guests.

Repair is Necessary

There may be times throughout the years when antique rug repair in Fairfield County CT may be necessary. Repairing the rugs are not something that can be done on your own and require the assistance of a professional.

Following are a few signs that indicate a repair is necessary. Repairing the rug in a quick manner can prevent further damages from occurring.

  •  Wear and tear around the edges
  • Water damage and stains
  • Holes
  • Fringes on the sides
  • Sun Fading
  • Stretching
  • Moth damages

Before undergoing repair, the customer is provided upfront with an estimate of costs. A detailed explanation of service is necessary to help the individual decide if it is worth investing their money into the repair.

Antique rug repair in Fairfield County CT is a vital part of rug ownership. Routine maintenance and cleaning can also help to preserve the life of the rug. Browse our website for more information and tips for caring for your rug.

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