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Shopping for Modern Rugs? 4 Helpful Questions to Ask

The right rug can add a bit of color and warmth to your interiors. If it’s your first time to shop for your modern rugs in Houston and you’re afraid of making a mistake, dive into the following tips.

What do you want?

Before you check out a slew of carpets and rugs, know what you want. Are you buying rugs for the living room, dining area, bathroom, lobby, stairs or bedroom? Knowing what spaces you’re working with will influence the size, color and even design or style of the rug, among other things.

How big is the rug?

Choosing a rug that’s too small is only a waste of space, the HGTV says. You’ll want to take measurements of your home, then, so you know exactly how much space you can use. For instance, do you want just enough for the table and chair in one corner of your room? Or do you want to have a rug that’s so large it can cover the floor for the entire living room area? You’ll need to consider these things before you shop around for modern rugs in Houston.

How much foot traffic does it get?

Consider where you’re putting the rug and how much foot traffic it will get. If you want to minimize the wear on your rug, though, you could consider a few alternatives. Have the carpet mounted on your wall? That’s one way to put warmth and color in your interiors all while reducing the wear on your rug.

What styles do you choose?

Check out the rug patterns. The right one can bring your room to life. However, a patterned rug will make it a bit difficult for you to find furniture and pieces to match. For safer results, you may want to choose rugs in solid colors.

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