A Generator Can Keep You Comfortable at Home During a Power Outage

Occasionally, your power could go out for a short time due to a storm in the area or another event that is beyond your control. For these situations, a residential backup generator is an option to consider. Here are a few benefits of having a generator for your home.

Keep Food Fresh

When the power goes out in your home, there is a possibility that the food in your refrigerator or freezer could spoil. If you’ve recently purchased cold or frozen foods, then this could result in a significant loss. A residential backup generator can help to keep foods fresh as long as you’re able to keep the generator running.

Keep the Temperature Comfortable

The heat or air in your home can be compromised when the power is out. This can quickly lead to significant temperature swings, depending on the weather outside. A generator can keep your HVAC unit operating as it should. You can confine your power usage to a window air conditioning unit or a small heater if you don’t want to run the entire HVAC unit. Keeping the temperature comfortable in your home can often make it a bit easier to endure a power loss.

Protect Your Pipes

If the power goes out in the winter, then it could result in the pipes underneath your home freezing and bursting. If you can run a generator for a short time to keep your home heated, then it can decrease the chances of your pipes getting damaged. Try to wrap your pipes as well to help keep them insulated during the winter months, especially if there is a risk of snow or ice.

Learn more about home generators by contacting Walter Danley Electrical Contracting LLC. We can help you figure out the type and size of automatic backup generator that will suit your needs.

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