Don’t Be a First-Date Flunkie: Tips on Making a Great First Impression

The first date can be a nerve-wracking experience even for the most extroverted person. How much do you tell the other person? Of that information, which is appropriate for a first date scenario? It can be easy to overstress and completely psych yourself out before you even walk in the door. To help you stay calm and make your date as successful as possible, here a few tips on how to make a great first impression on your first date, so there will definitely be a second date.

Listen Actively

One of the best ways that you can impress someone is to actually listen to them. In a world where a conversation is often taken for granted thanks to the easy access of the internet, people can feel as though they’re not heard. Despite having numerous resources to speak, they still feel as though they’re only a tiny voice in a crowd of millions. You can make them feel heard by actually listening to them. Elite singles have a lot to say. They may be used to being heard in a business setting but not as much privately. You can show them that you have an interested ear as well as a sympathetic one.

Don’t Overshare

While you are trying to see if you’re a match, you shouldn’t share too much about yourself. Mystery can go a long way for both men and women. Elite singles especially love a bit of mystery. You should tell them the basics. Perhaps even dive into some hobbies, goals, and dreams that you have. Yet try to leave enough of the details still obscured so that they want to know more about you on another date.

Keep and Maintain Eye Contact

For a lot of people, maintaining eye contact can be difficult. It can also come across as disinterested or bored. Practice maintaining eye contact in a casual way rather than with intensity. They’ll feel more connected to you and feel as though you are really listening.

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