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Flower Arrangements Personalized To Showcase the Life of Your Loved One

Funerals are a time to connect with family and friends in remembrance of the life of your loved one. During this time, flowers are an easy way to show how much you care to the family and friends of the departed. Unique elements tell the story of your friendship and time together. The funeral flower arrangements that Fort Lauderdale, FL, florists offer provide a wonderfully unique way to say how much you care.

Working with the right florist, you can create a one-of-a-kind arrangement to complement the life that your friend or loved one enjoyed. Maybe golfing was their passion, or they had an eye for antique treasures. Showcase that special characteristic with the addition of a golf club in the arrangement. Add a sepia photograph among the lilies or use a favorite colorful scarf as the material for the bow.

These personal elements, along with favorite flowers, colors, or shapes, can send a message to those left behind, a message that the quirks of this special person are not forgotten by those who loved and admired them. Funeral flower arrangements from Fort Lauderdale, FL, are often as unique as the person.

Using tropical flowers like orchids, birds of paradise, and the leathery red leaves of the anthurium bring texture and vivid hues to an otherwise gray occasion. Drooping hearts are uplifted by the gay colors and variety of unusual shapes. Soon the occasion is one of rejoicing and celebration instead of sadness and loss.

Look at the arrangements in the portable grill and remember her love of a savory steak. See the glittering brooch perched within the blooms of pale roses and remember the excitement he had at finding rare jewelry. These moments are created by the use of life elements that have been carefully woven into these special arrangements.

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