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5 Reasons to Take the Ferry in Vancouver and Victoria

If you’re planning to go around and explore the Vancouver and Victoria BC islands, you may want to think about taking the ferry instead of getting on a flight. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Airports are stressful

If you’re planning to travel to Alaska and you want to use Vancouver as a launching pad, then taking the ferry can be your best bet. You can avoid the stress and hassle of huge crowds and long check-in procedures, The Guardian Labs says.

No luggage restrictions

Planes have strict luggage restrictions. You either need to pay up exorbitant fees if your luggage goes over the standard weight and size. That or you may need to leave some of your things behind. That’s not a problem, though, when you use BC ferries in Vancouver and Victoria to travel instead.

Comfortable seating

Planes can be cramped. Some BC ferries in Vancouver and Victoria offer first-class or premium seating and quarters, at less than what you would pay for if you opt for a first-class seat on the plane. That’s one way to save on costs and still travel in comfort and style.

More entertainment options

Ferries often have more entertainment options. If you’re easily bored and don’t want to be cooped up on a plane for hours, then get a ferry ticket instead. You have more entertainment choices to try out, making every hour of your trip much more enjoyable for you.

Travel with your pet

Many ferries make it easy for you to sail with your trusted four-legged pal. If you’re bringing along a pet, just make sure you have the requisite travel documentation and you should be good to go. Bringing an animal through an airport, though, will be far trickier and a lot harder. Spare yourself the hassle by getting on a ferry instead.

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