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Explore Vancouver Island: Take The Ferry From Vancouver To Victoria BC

For those who want to go from point A to point B quickly, the airplane is the only means of transportation. For those visitors who seek a more adventurous route; for those who want to experience the voyage and not merely the arrival; and for those who want to get away from the mundane, the only way is to go by boat. In British Columbia, the best way to explore Vancouver Island is to take the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria BC. From there you can transfer to another ferry, hire a private boat or book a car. By combining both land and sea transportation, you can thoroughly explore Vancouver Island.

The Ferry Experience

Taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria opens up a new vista. You can see and feel the ocean as the boat powers through it. If you watch closely – either through the enclosed areas or from on the deck, you may catch glimpses of several ocean inhabitants. Marine life such as dolphins and whales may also appear.

After you arrive, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Victoria. Alternatively, you can hop another ferry bound for Nanaimo or several of the nearby islands. You can also rent a car and drive inland or further along the coast. Either way helps you further experience the natural beautyf Vancouver Island.

Taking the Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria BC

Flying to Vancouver Island from Vancouver is easy. It cuts down on time and energy. However, it omits a significant aspect of the Island experience. You can only truly understand what it means to live on an island if you arrive by boat. Take the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria BC. It allows you to experience a modicum of the reality of living on an island. By combining both land and sea forms of travel, you can also discover the diverse natural and urban beauties of Vancouver Island.

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