Types of Services Offered by a Massage Therapist in Renton WA

It is easy enough to determine when you need a message. You know that tight, stiff feeling in your shoulders, and that soreness in your middle and lower back? Yeah, those are the ones. These are the indicators that your body is giving you to inform you that it is stressed, tense and that the muscles are tired and restricted. Now that you know that your body needs some relief, where should you go to find it? Keep reading for specific types of massage that will help you learn more about some different kinds of massages.

The Swedish Massage

This kind of massage is one of the, if not the, most well-known styles of massage, as it frequently appears in TV shows, movies, and other mediums of entertainment. The subject lies topless, face down on a comfortable surface, like a table lined with cushions, where they receive the massage. The masseuse will use a variety of techniques, such as sweeping strokes down the length of the back, or soft kneading of muscles, to relax the muscles in your back and shoulders. This can not only relieve stress and soreness in the back, but it can also help the skin, as oils or lotions are often used. Ask your Massage Therapist in Renton WA if this method is best for you.

The Hot Stone Massage

This method of massage is similar to the Swedish massage in some ways, as you are again topless and face down on a surface. This time, however, the masseuse will place smooth, heated stones down the length of the back and spine, which warm up muscles and make them easier to rub. The masseuse uses the stones themselves for this massage, as they naturally relax the muscles from the heat. This is a great way to ease stress and tension and can work out clustered muscles.

The Trigger Point Massage

This massage does not focus on the whole body, as do the previous two. Instead, the masseuse searches out the specific muscles that are causing the problem and applies precise pressure to get them to relax. This can be used as a medical treatment in some situations.

These are just a few of over 200 different kinds of massages out there. Consult with a Massage Therapist in Renton WA to determine the best massage method for you.

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