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3 Mistakes to Avoid During Custom Home Construction in Kansas City MO

When people have homes custom built, they want it done on budget and on time. However, that’s not always as easy as it seems. In this guide, prospective buyers will find several tips for successful custom home construction in Kansas City MO.

Buying a Lot Before Determining Servicing and Site Prep Costs

Most buyers pick out a lot long before construction begins. Spectacular waterfront views increased privacy, and closeness to amenities are all things buyers look for when choosing home sites. However, it’s important to consider the cost of preparing the site and connecting necessary services. Municipal zoning, environmental remediation, and flood likelihood all affect the cost of site prep and service. By doing a feasibility study before purchasing a lot, a buyer knows what they’re getting into.

Designing Before Budgeting

Miscommunication is a frequent occurrence in home design. A client hires a designer to draft a set of home plans, and they may end up with something they didn’t expect. When these problems are reverse engineered, they usually come down to design without a budget. Setting a realistic budget is the easiest way to prevent the disconnect between client and designer.

Not Requesting References

One of the most serious mistakes a person can make during custom home construction in Kansas City MO comes during reference verification. Usually, the process starts with recommendations, then interviews, followed by reference checks, and finally, a tour of past projects. However, most people slip up when they don’t check the right references. Find a builder who has previously built the right style of home, and the project is more likely to be successful.

In Closing

Building a custom home is an exciting process, but there’s a right way (and a wrong way) to go about it. Who a customer decides to work with is just as important as how well they plan. By avoiding the mistakes listed here, custom home buyers will sidestep the most common pitfalls and save stress, time, and money in the process. Get more information on the website or call today to set up a home tour and builder consultation.

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