Get more benefit from the foods you eat!

Many people decide that periodically they need to do a ‘reset’ of their physical wellness to see if they can make improvements—and one of those important areas of review is their eating habits. If you are taking a fresh look at your food intake, wouldn’t you like to learn about a way to make sure that you’re getting the maximum benefit possible from the foods you’re eating?

Add a supplement to your diet

Having healthier eating habits is a great goal, but there are ways to help ensure that your body gets even more benefit from those good choices. While foods have components such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber that are important, the enzymes in foods are equally important as the energy source so that those components can be effectively broken down and used by the body. By adding a supplement such as NOW Plant Enzymes to your diet, you can help your body use your food more efficiently.

This product contains four important plant enzyme groups: proteases, amylases, lipases, and cellulases. Each behaves slightly differently to maximize the benefit of different components of the foods you eat. By adding these four forms of energy to your diet, you can gain added advantage and sustenance.

Do you have unique dietary needs that make you wonder if this product is for you?

  • It can be challenging for vegetarians to make sure they take in enough of some nutrients to stay healthy, but Now Plant Enzymes is formulated especially for vegetarian diets, ensuring that you are getting the maximum benefit from the foods you’re eating.
  • If you are sensitive to lactose, then the addition of lactase to your diet (such as the formulation in NOW Plant Enzymes) can help your digestive system counteract the effects of lactose on your system.

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