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Elder Care Services in Nassau County Help Everyone Concerned Regain Better Well-Being

Elder care services in Nassau County can provide some much-needed relief for family caregivers. At some point, moving Mom or Dad to assisted living may be advisable for everyone’s well-being. Another possibility is temporary respite care that allows the adult children to leave town on vacation for a weekend or longer.

Burnout: A Common Problem

Caregivers must realize that the relationship with their elderly loved one can become very strained if there is no time to relax and regroup. Burnout is very common among family caregivers. They do their very best to meet all this person’s needs, feeling guilty if they even think of turning to Elder Care Services in Nassau County for help. Doing so can improve the older person’s life dramatically. It also can restore the relationship to parent and child from disabled individual and caregiver.

Other Responsibilities

The Mayo Clinic reports that nearly 60 percent of family caregivers work outside of the home in addition to helping this loved one. Many also have responsibilities for their own immediate family. A man or woman caring for an 75-year-old parent with a disabling condition may be 45 years old with teenagers at home. Managing the responsibilities of being a full-time worker, parent of teens and a caregiver for a disabled close relative can quickly become overwhelming.

Potential Consequences

Caregiver burnout can lead to health problems and the temptation to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs. This person’s good health is important to be there for the disabled parent. When everything becomes unmanageable, the adult son or daughter must not feel like moving the parent to assisted living means failure. This person will still be a crucial part of the elderly person’s team for all-around well-being.

A Better Solution

When one person is trying to take care of an elderly parent, yet has to hold down a full-time job, this person often is consumed with worry about what may be happening with Mom or Dad when nobody is home. A better solution is a move to a community such as the Regency Assisted Living. Find more information at the website.

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