Why Does Everyone Disappear When it’s Time to Move?

You finally sold the house and are ready to move. Now comes the fun part, packing up everything you own and seeing just how much you accumulated over the years. You might want to do the move yourselves and when it’s time to ask family or friends, the neighborhood may turn into a “ghost town”. You may be much better off checking out professional moving companies in Chattanooga anyway. But why does everyone seem to disappear when you really need them? Let’s take a closer look at the situation and see.

Moving = Hard Work

Many people today are simply too tired, busy (or lazy) to engage in a great deal of manual labor. After all, you may have a large couch which is not only heavy but very bulky. Moving large items can be very difficult when you lack sufficient training, experience and upper body strength. This is why many people try hard to avoid the process of moving and why professional moving companies in Chattanooga are so popular.

Fear of Pain

It’s easy to injure yourself when you engage in activity your body is not used to. Plus, the average person may not fully understand the science of body mechanics, ergonomics and how to lift and carry heavy loads properly. People working for moving companies in Chattanooga lift and load for a living and they are not likely to get hurt on the job. However, hurting your back can be very painful and you could feel repercussions from a back injury for years or even the rest of your life.


Moving and relocating is a lot of responsibility and those close to you may not want to be responsible for damaging your home and belongings. However, the real reason may simply be to avoid a great deal of hassles and headaches associated with “do it yourself” moving.

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