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A Review Of What To Consider In A Used Triple Quad

Buying either a new or used Triple Quad (triple quadrupole mass spectrometer or TQMS) is a big investment for most facilities. It is designed to include a pairing of two mass spectrometers that have two quadrupole mass analyzers in a series.

In medical and laboratory testing, this equipment is often essential in clinical research. It is considered superior to other options in mass spectrometers because it is possible to achieve very low detection limits. It is also a system that can be highly productive, running continual testing for even the most demanding lab, pharmaceutical or research facility.

As this is a costly investment, many facilities turn to the market for a used Triple Quad rather than purchasing a new device. Refurbished machines can be more than half the cost of a new machine without giving up performance, reliability or sensitivity.

Special Considerations

There are many different models, designs and sizes in Triple Quads. These are certainly a larger machine so it will be critical to understand the size constraints you may have in your current lab or facility.

Make sure that any used Triple Quad under consideration will integrate with the current lab configuration. If you are replacing an existing device with a new model or manufacturer, verify all specifications with regards to size and configuration.

Verify Refurbished and Tested

A refurbished Triple Quad should be fully tested and refurbished to the original manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure accuracy, sensitivity and dependability in this essential component in any lab. Be careful when buying from a seller that is not a medical refurbishing service as there will typically be limited testing and the equipment is most often sold as is.

To avoid this issue, verify that the testing has been completed. A top company will provide a warranty with the equipment, which provides the confidence to make the purchase and work with the equipment without risk.

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