It is Hard to Misuse a Biometric Time Attendance System

When you need 100% honesty from your employees, you need a biometric Time-Attendance system. There are some industries where a time card will do, but some need something a level up like a key badge. Others really need to ensure that their employees are vetted. Biometric systems are very hard systems to get around. Since there have been employers and employees there have been a cat and mouse game between the two. The employers have struggled to track time and attendance and the employees have struggled with ways to ‘beat the system’. In some cases, it is imperative that an employee is where he/she says they will be. This is where Biometric systems can really help.

Uniquely You

Biometric system ensures that THE employee is actually the employee. Helping a friend out at work by clocking them out or using their access card to record time and attendance is a very common practice that largely goes unnoticed, until critical information is shared or goes missing. Many times unauthorized access does not occur because of a break in but because an employee has lent out an access card or key. Biometrics removes that risk. When an employee is aware that there is no way of getting around the fact that they were logged in during a specific period or not, they are less likely to ‘share’ information or access options. Biometrics ensures that an employee is unable to blame someone else when something goes wrong.

Reduce the Risk

Even if you have the best employees in the world that you fully trust, adding a simple layer of protection reduces risks across the board like:

* Unauthorized Access

* Critical Error Tracking

* Incorrect Reporting

* Human Errors

You need an efficient solution for providing a higher level of security to your business and your clients. Check Out Our Website!

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