Used Car Dealers

Why Buy Used Vehicles From Vineland, NJ Ford Dealers?

There are several very good reasons to purchase used vehicles from dealerships as opposed to buying from used car lots. There is rarely more than a very small amount of difference in the price, but the value-added services and the ability to shop a great selection of vehicles is the reason smart buyers choose to purchase from Ford dealers in the Vineland, NJ, area.

Used And Certified Pre-Owned

When you buy a used vehicle from Ford dealers in Vineland, NJ, you have the choice of choosing a used car or a certified pre-owned. Both can be very good options, but there are a few differences to keep in mind.

A used car is on at any Ford dealership is typically a trade-in. These vehicles can range from relatively inexpensive, older model vehicles with high mileage to newer vehicles with very limited mileage. Some may also be executive fleet lease vehicles that have been extremely well maintained and may only be last year’s model.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are also used, but they have gone through a Ford approved inspection and repair service. With a Ford certified pre-owned vehicle, there is a 172-point inspection, a road test, diagnostic testing and repair of any worn parts or components. These vehicles come with a limited warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance, which used vehicles that are not certified do not have.

Additional Factors to Consider

In Vineland, NJ, buying a used car from your local Ford dealership means you are dealing with a trusted business in your community. It also means you have a service and parts department you can turn to for routine maintenance or any type of repairs required throughout the life of the vehicle.

Working with the same Ford dealers also allows you to work with a sales representative and to get notifications for sales, specials or when new inventory is coming onto the lot.

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