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New and Used Ford Cars in Bridgeton NJ – Are Private Sales a Good Idea?

If you spend a lot of money on repairs each month, it is probably time to think about trading in the old clunker for something better. No one wants to deal with the possibility of a breakdown all the time. Ford Motor Company makes some of the finest vehicles on the market today, and you have several choices when it comes to shopping for new and used Ford cars in Bridgeton NJ. Some of those choices involve private sales, but are they worth it?


You can go to your local newspaper’s classified ad section. They may have many ads for new and used Ford cars in Bridgeton NJ. Many people sell their cars this way, and you can sometimes get some good deals with private sales. However, this method comes with considerable risk.

When you buy from an individual, you have no idea who you do business with. You must take them at their word. Some people selling cars through classifieds are unlicensed dealers. They may give cars a cleaning or new paint job, change the odometer, and try to sell them as quality used vehicles when they are junk cars.

On the other hand, you may find someone needing to sell a very good car and is willing to take a loss on the deal. No matter who you buy from, this way, you have no guarantee to fall back on. Sales are “as is.”

Your Ford Dealer

When you go to your Ford dealership, you can choose from many new and used Ford cars in Bridgeton NJ. Only a factory dealership can offer you both new and used selections. You receive an excellent warranty, and they can help you with vehicle financing.

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