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3 Benefits of a Full Service Recycling Company in San Antonio, TX

Residents of cities like San Antonio love their recycling programs because they offer citizens direct benefits while helping save the planet and the life on it. A Full Service Recycling Company in San Antonio TX creates jobs that help grow local economies. Recycling programs help preserve wildlife and essential habitats. Re-purposing materials reduces energy use and toxic carbon emissions.

Recycling Has Economic Benefits

The recycling industry is good for local and national economies. Studies show that, if the U.S could reach a 75% recycling rate by 2030, the nation would add 1.1 million jobs. The industry has been a boon to local economies. For instance, A Full Service Recycling Company in San Antonio TX employs local residents, many at higher wages than they could make in other industries. As their incomes grow, they spend locally and pay more taxes. In fact, the EPA estimates that, in one year, recycling efforts were responsible for 757,000 jobs, over $36 billion in wages, and $7 billion in tax revenues.

Recycling Protects Vital Ecosystems

Repurposing items like paper, glass, and plastic protects the ecosystems that are essential for all forms of life on the planet. When citizens participate in local recycling programs, they help reduce the need to harvest, grow, or extract raw materials from the ground. That drastically reduces the destruction of natural resources. When companies begin recycling programs by contacting experts at sites like Tigersanitation.com, they help minimize the number of forests that will be cut down and animals displaced or harmed. Their efforts will ensure that fewer rivers will be diverted or polluted.

Recycling Reduces Deadly Carbon Emissions

Creating new products from existing materials saves enormous amounts of energy, and that is good for the planet. It reduces the carbon emissions generated during manufacturing that contribute to climate change. Recycling aluminum requires 95% less energy than creating products from scratch. Re-using steel uses 70% less, and recycling paper requires 40% less energy than creating materials from virgin wood fibers.

Most U.S communities now include recycling centers that have boosted local economies. Recycling also protects local and global eco-systems while reducing carbon emissions that poison the Earth’s atmosphere. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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