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When You Need More: Commercial HVAC Specialists

No one has to tell you that the HVAC systems used in commercial buildings are vastly different from those in private homes. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a local HVAC contractor in Tacoma, and a lot of building managers and property management company treat them the same. Commercial HVAC is a specialty, whether it is designing a system for a brand-new project or renovating a historic building, building an industrial facility or an office building. Each project is different, and each industry has different requirements when it comes to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

No Big Box Fit

Whether you are building a warehouse, an office building, a hospital, or developing a new high-rise, there is no better way to ensure the comfort of occupants than to have a local HVAC contractor with strong design and build skills on the job. Whatever the project or facility, there is no one size fits all. Each project, each location, presents different challenges that only a Tacoma local will understand.

Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

The US Energy Information Administration developed a profile that shows how energy is used in commercial buildings. Lighting, ventilation, operating computers and other office equipment, and water heating constituted 35% of energy use, the largest standalone use of energy went into space heating. 25% of the buildings energy profile was used for just that one thing. So shouldn’t it be important to get the job done right the first time?

Local Professionals

Working with a company that has an exceptional reputation will ensure that your HVAC system will be appropriately sized and powerful enough to maintain a comfortable temperature for all occupants of the building. While Tacoma may not have many extremes of weather, it does have days that will put any HVAC system to the test. Make sure your system will pass.

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